Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Here!

Carlos Curti happy camper after 40 miles flight!!!
This Weekend and the last have been wonderful, we have ceiling of 5k+, Last weekend Jorge flew all over tagging a fly of 1.5 hrs +, Jozsef did a nice flight going down wing and manage to come back to take off point.
Now this weekend Carlos Curtis make a new distant record flying from South Bay to Stuart a 40K miles in 2.5 hrs.
Pilots, my friend David Prentice in on the way to Florida to host once again the Spring Flint and the ECPC there will be over 30 pilots from all over for two comp and also we are having the SIV clinic, don't let this opportunity fly by and com to fly with us.( more info at www.earthcog.com)

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