Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct 30-31 Tow Pad La Belle

The day Beautifully but conditions crappy, we have an inversion of cool air pushing all the thermal activity down I flew three time into this rough bumbling air I saw the tow plane taking the HG up to 2k and then ride down and get bid up by the low thermal activity.

A day way better with the wind convergent right there at the Ridge I got cloud base at 5K ft. and was able to go any where I want with a little drift to SW.
Joel did solo two times, (congrats), Ouri manage to takeoff down wing doing an excellent job to overcome the problem and managing very good.
Jozsef have a up and down second takeoff after the weak link broke on the first try. causing him to roll over and getting all scratches from the pave road. was not that bad and he will be flying next weekend.