Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov 21-22 Flying

We have a incredible day Saturday; at 9:40am Ouri went for a try and ended with a 1.3 hrs fly time we have other pilots achieving good flights too.


Ouri, Bryan, Bob, Jozsef, Steve, Jorge.

(Thanks to Jozsef and his friend for the picts.)


bob holland said...

Luis, thanks for the great towing experience. I felt very confident due to your ability with the truck and the winch - when to speed up, back off, and helpful hints. That was the highest I've ever been with a tow, which gave ample time to hook into a thermal. Had a wonderful time. It was good to meet the other pilots - nice guys all. Hope to see you soon for more air fixes. bob

Luis Maria said...

Hope to meet together with you guys, next weekend. My name is Luis Costantini, a pilot from Argentina. BTW, your photos are awesome!